Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David Dallas - "Indulge Me"

David Dallas, formerly known as Con Psy, is the best rapper to have ever come out of New Zealand. Hands down. Together with producer/DJ 4130 - collectively known as Frontline - they put out "Borrowed Time" a few years back, it's a very very solid album. A few years down the track, David Dallas - who changed his original rap name to his original birth name - has preparing a solo album titled "Something Awesome". Anyway, this isn't meant to read like a press release - he's always been the freshest dude doing it across the Tasman. He's dropped the first song off "Something Awesome", it's called "Indulge Me" feat. Devolo. There isn't a great deal of love for the NZ hip-hop scene here in the Australian hip-hop community, and vice versa; I personally couldn't really give less of a shit about accents and all that jazz - I care as much for faux Kiwi gangster rap as I do for most of this cringe worthy Aussie bogan shit. But enough of that negativity, D Dot Dallas is a cut above the rest.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bring it Home - Horrorshow/1dayers remix

what's happening blog - it's been (many) a minute since the last spit syndicate related update. this isn't much of an update either: just wanted to let you know that there is a remix (gmix) of "bring it home" on our myspace page - it's a 1dayers remix, produced by adit and featuring a verse by solo. we'll hit y'all with a proper update shortly, which should include some footage from the set we played at good vibrations recently. for all those that came through to watch the good vibes set, thank you so much for rocking out with us, it was hands down our biggest show and the most fun we've ever had on stage. but more on that later, for now:


Friday, December 19, 2008

Boxing Day Clash - Festival

Watup internet – been a little slow on the blog tip lately, not really that much to report to you just yet. We’re chilling out, working on some new music and enjoying the Sydney summer. We are playing our last headline show in Sydney for a long, long time next Friday (Boxing Day suckers!) at the Annandale Hotel in the almighty Inner West of Sydney. If you’re around, come down because the line up is killer, especially at $25. It’s guaranteed to be a fairly loose day so come and pour some egg nog/cognac out for the homies.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SS featured on "Who the Bloody Hell are They?" Music Blog

"Who the Bloody Hell Are They?" is an Australian music blog; one of the best actually. I've been an avid reader of their shit for a while now, so you can imagine the stupid grin I had on my face when I saw that they'd given us a little write up.

Many thanks dudes, keep up the good work:

Who The Bloody Hell Are They

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newtown Festival: Recap

Watup guys, been a little slow in the blogging tip lately. We played the Newtown Festival in (gasp) Newtown last Sunday, easily one of the best local shows that we've played in a long time. Along with a swag of others, we've been doing our best to put it down for the I-Dub this year so it was great to finally perform at the festival. We had a pretty early timeslot at 1:20pm, so it was great to see a sizeable crowd in front of us when we took the stage. Thank you to everyone that came out and showed us love, apologies we couldn't extend our set a little longer but they had to make sure shit ran on time, our delayed start meant that we had to slice a song off the end (we would have performed for hours more if we could!). This was our second community festival show for the year, we did Surry Hills a few months back, and they're fresh, can't wait to do more in the future.

Lachlan Hicks took a few photos which I thought I'd include.

That was our last Sydney show for a while now, we have some Festival shit cooking for the Summer: more on that when it gets locked in. Until then, peace! x

Music Feeds: SS Video Interview

The other week we went through the Abercrombie Hotel in Broadway with Dialectrix and the Thundamentals boys for an interview/photo shoot with Music Feeds, which is a killer new street press which is operating out of Sydney. It's not exactly new, but new in comparison with the street rag stalwarts like 3D World, Brag and Drum Media. They do a fucking killer job, my man Mikey Carr held us down - we all got dressed up in 1980s B-Boy gear and managed to answer some questions in between laughing at ourselves. The physical version of the interview with photographs is out now, look for it wherever you get your normal street press.

Spit Syndicate with Music Feeds from Music Feeds on Vimeo.